BIO 256 Group Investigation projects

  • Effects of tree-banding on cankerworm (Alsophila pometaria) population dynamics: Cankerworms have become a nuisance in the Town of Davidson, and the Entomology Lab is investigating the efficacy of tree-banding efforts and the temporal and spatial dynamics of cankerworms, an urban forest pest.
  • Effects of land use patterns on pollinator biodiversity in parks: As land use patterns change and parks are used to preserve biodiversity, we must ask how these reserves are actually working to maintain or enhance biodiversity. Insect pollinators are critical biodiversity elements that we will use to study this question.
  • Understanding the impact of digital technology on applied ecological and entomological projects: We will research and consider ways in which digital technologies have impacted, enhanced, facilitated, harmed, or otherwise affected ecology and entomology.

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SCHEDULE, tentative of course, due to the nature of field ecology!