New Group Investigation for Spring 2015

BIO 256: Applied Insect Ecology

This course will allow you to gain experience in ecological research in a team setting. We will study two ecological issues, one at the community and one at the population level: 1) what are the effects of park size, location, surrounding land use, and plant diversity on insect pollinator diversity?

And 2) What is the effectiveness of tree banding on control and dynamics of the fall cankerworm?

Both projects have community-based learning and outreach components. Participants will gain experience in field ecological research, basic GIS, wordpress, and other digital skills, insect identification, and hone skills in experimental design, data analysis and science communication.

Credit in BIO, ENV (NS depth, SS/HUM breadth), or DIG

Prerequisites: BIO 112/114, ENV 201, or permission.

Weekly meeting times determined during first week of classes.