BIO 256 laboratory responsibilities

  • Data entry: responsibility for making sure all data are entered, either by those who collected it or by this person, and for making sure data are entered in the correct worksheet.
  • Data quality control: every data point entered into any specific database needs to be double-checked for accuracy against the original data sheets, and backed up to Louise.
  • Laboratory cleanup and organization: the person whose main responsibility is laboratory cleanup does not have to clean up the laboratory (unless they make the mess).  It will be up to this person to make sure the person responsible has cleaned up. 
  • Curation of insect collection: this is a job for someone with an interest in further organizing and curating invertebrate specimens I’ve collected over the years.
  • Maintenance of equipment: batteries charged, equipment cleaned and ready to go in the field.

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Here are the PROJECTS that we will all work on together



SCHEDULE, tentative of course, due to the nature of field ecology!