BIO 256 grading essentials

Your final course grade will be calculated according to the following criteria at the end of the semester. I am happy to discuss your progress at any time during the semester.

  • 10% – Organization of laboratory notebook, computer files, and other project documentation
  • 10% – Discussion of community ecology literature specific to your project, as well as design of study
  • 20% – Annotated bibliography
  • 20% – Poster prepared for the Joint Science Symposium
  • 10% – Blog/website entries and use of digital media to promote and analyze your project, assessment of use of digital technology or digitization in applied ecology.
  • 10% – Peer evaluation using CATME.
  • 10% – My assessment of your performance (includes effort, attitude, mindfulness, teamwork, safety, attention to detail, level of participation, etc.)

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Here are the PROJECTS that we will all work on together

Here are the LABORATORY responsibilities


SCHEDULE, tentative of course, due to the nature of field ecology!